Inspiring & Practical

My talks are designed to be inspiring but put a real focus on helping students find their own motivating factors. In my experience, the biggest difference is made on 'coasting' students who have the ability to succeed but struggle to push themselves.


For 2019 bookings, I have removed all my speaking fees for registered US education providers. I only charge for any incidental expenses meaning that I can provide a dual-session day for a tenth of the cost for commercial organizations (under $500). Extra services such as consulting with the administration may be chargeable.

Curiously Interactive

Telling my story forms a key part of my keynotes but, unlike other speakers, I accept questions throughout. I also adjust the content of my talks on the day, based on what matters to my audience. I treat my performances as large conversations between me and your students.

About Elliot

Elliot Padfield is a 16-year-old entrepreneur and speaker from the United Kingdom. Coming from an average family, he started his first website development business before he turned 13. Today, he owns and operates an international security and intelligence business, a property development agency and a brand new healthcare research company. His life mission, however, is to inspire, teach and mentor other young people to become the entrepreneurs, diplomats, and leaders of tomorrow. He does this by hosting an annual summit in Dubai each year as well as giving talks to leaders and students. He recently parted from his speaking agency in the UK to act independently and is building a speaking career in the US with zero-fee talks in schools.


The Process

Initial Outreach & Consultation

I work closely with you to plan the ideal schedule for your organization. I can offer keynotes of varying lengths, CPD sessions, consulting with the administration, student interviews, lesson observations, and many other services.

Plan Submitted

Having worked directly with me to plan my visit, I will submit a final proposal for the topics and style of presentation that I will use. This can be changed at any time but ensures that you are satisfied with the basis of my visit.

Constant Contact

My team will remain in constant contact with you until I arrive to facilitate any last-minute changes in your requirements.

Setup & Introductions

My morning on-site normally consists of meeting key staff, understanding my presentation space before meeting with key students. Some schools ask me to speak to the students that will be most influenced by my talk and others will organize for me to take a tour of the campus.

Lunch with Administration

The vast majority of schools I visit invite me to lunch which gives me a great opportunity to speak with key members of staff and learn more about the school and the systems in place to push and support students. As with all parts of my visit, this can be adapted including having lunch with target students.

Core Content Delivery

As planned, I deliver the keynote to your students and answer any questions. Any other core content is then delivered as agreed prior.

CPD Session / Debrief

If we've agreed a CPD/training session, I deliver this at the end of the day to avoid disruption to classes. If a CPD session is not required and I'm only on site for 1 day, I'll give you my advice on how best to support students after my visit and report back on any requests I've had from students

Review & Follow Up

You will have constant contact with my team after my talk to provide any needed support or answer any questions. The same applies for students who are welcome to contact me directly and receive advice from me.